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28 Mar

Oneplus 3 ‘s custom OS “Halogen”

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Oneplus 3’s OS Halogen

“We spent a whole year with over a thousand programmers working day-night. We promise Oneplus’s Halogen OS will provide the best User Interface anyone has ever imagined.” said Mr.Pete Lau (CEO of Oneplus).

Finally, it has been confirmed that the upcoming phone from Oneplus i.e. Oneplus 3 will be running a custom operating system named “halogen”. With full compatibility to not only run android apps but also support all it’s functionality. Halogen can be called a Custom android OS. Which has been optimized in such a way that it will boost up the performance of the Oneplus 3 by over 50% and provide a great user experience.

There have been uncountable number of android phones released and many of them have a very powerful hardware but IPhones running with lower configuration always prove to be faster and provide greater user experience because of their custom OS which has been optimized in such a way that it provides user with a much soothing and fast interface . The secrete lies behind the secrete algorithm that appleĀ uses which not only provides a faster performance but also an advanced data encryption system.

Oneplus 3 Halogen’s “VIRUS PROTECTION”

Anroid has always been an easy target for crackers. Google provides android with a really powerful Anti-Virus protection system embedded in the operation system itself but due to the fact that android is open source it is very easy for crackers to break the protection.
Oneplus took the issue very seriously and redesigned the security system, and claims it to be the most secure phone security system ever made.

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