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01 Jul

SteelSeries 15th Birthday Giveaway

SteelSeries is one of the most premium brands for accessories such as Headphones, Mouse, Keyboards, etc.

Some of the products are listed below :

SteelSeries was found 15 years back, and hence it’s their 15th birthday. SteelSeries has been sponsored by MSI for giving away $20k worth of goodies.

How to Participate ?


Participation is very simple, just follow the steps below 🙂

IMP : After registration make sure you confirm your email

  1. Go to the giveaway page  :
  2. Build your setup (Just select whatever looks good to you)
  3. You will be asked your name and email address (Fill in the form)
  4. You will receive a confirmation email on the email address you gave. Click on the confirmation link.

Your registration is complete.

What Are The Prizes ?

1) Ultimate Setup + Tour At Valve’s HQ
2) Ultimate Setup + MSI GR62 Apache Gaming Pro
3) 25 Winners** Ultimate Setup
4) 100 x Siberia 200 Gaming Headsets
5) 25 x Nimbus Controllers for Apple TV
6) 25 x Stratus XL Controllers for Android and windows
7) 75 x $50 SteelSeries Gift Cards
8) 15 x $20 Steam Gift Cards
9) 15 x $25 Riot (RP) Gift Cards
10) 15 x $20 Blizzard Gift Cards

Additional Prizes

2x Overwatch: Collector’s Edition for PC
4x Dota 2 Series 2 DemiHeroes
5x Guild Wars 2 Charr Plush
10x Dota 2 Series 2 Microplush Blindboxes
75x Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns for PC
15x NECA Heroes of the Storm Figurines
4x Dragon Age Inquisition: Collector’s + Inquisitor’s Ed.

09 Apr

Oneplus 3 – No Sim Tech

Oneplus 3 Throw sim card in the dustbin

Oneplus 3 Will Not Have Sim Card Slot

Not just Oneplus users but everyone is eagerly waiting for Oneplus 3. Oneplus has previously launched a couple of successful phones such as Oneplus One, being the first phone by Oneplus it performed pretty well in highly competitive market and same is expected from the upcoming Oneplus 3. There has been no information officially revealed by the company yet, but recent leaked information about the phone says that Oneplus has developed a No Sim Tech.
Oneplus 3 No Sim-Tech

Why do we need it ?

A Sim Card consumes is one of the most important part of a phone but it consumes a lot of space and it’s very challenging for Cell Phone companies to make space for it. Also, One would obviously prefer a dual sim phone instead of single sim, if its the same price range and has the same configuration. Oneplus instead of compromising the phone configuration to provide dual Sim Slots in Oneplus 3 developed the No Sim tech which consumes much less space than a sim card slot.

How it works ?

The phone is capable of scanning a sim card and storing all the required information for duplicating the sim card virtually. This information will be encrypted and sent to a server which will make sure that same card is not active on more than one phone.

Can I scan more that one Sim Card ?

Yes, this tech allow you to scan and save as many Sim Cards you want but one Sim Card can be active only on one Oneplus 3 at a time.

Is it safe ?

This kind of tech can prove to be really dangerous but Oneplus has developed a very powerful security system in their custom OS Halogen for Oneplus 3 which is targeted to provide the safest smart phone experience.