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13 Apr

Oneplus 3 – Lost Phone ? Tracking Made Easy

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How easy it is to find a lost Oneplus 3

Oneplus 3 find my phone_1Oneplus’s CEO says “We aim at slowly and perfectly fixing all the problems that a smartphone consumer face.” This is the basis of evolution, it takes place slowly but opens a whole new world of possibility.

At least once, every individual faces a situation in which they lose their phone. These days when smartphones have become so expensive, it’s heart breaking if one loses his/her phone. In most of the cases, the stolen or lost phone is never tracked back because it very easy to turn its tracking off i.e by simply switching phone off. Later an engineer can take the tracking ID out of the phone and see it to someone who is interested.

It has been surveyed that only 0.33% people are loyal enough to return something they found which actually belongs to you. Therefore your can not depend on this loyal world to come and return your lost phone.

Oneplus being a huge smartphone brand, Is trying it’s best to provide the most comfortable experience to it’s users. Some recent leaked information talks about the new phone tracking feature.

Oneplus 3 – Track My Phone App

oneplus 3 find my phone app


This will be a Pre-Installed application in every Oneplus 3 phone. The aim of the application is to find your phone as easily as possible and also not make sure no-one else tracks you.
Oneplus account
The app will need a simple registration i.e. a Oneplus Account ( OP Account ).

This app will activate the PASS_D feature in Oneplus 3.
This will not allow a phone switch off without entering the password of Oneplus Account. If one tried to force shutdown the phone. Oneplus 3 will keep the tracking ID on and also make it more active.

How it works ?

After creating and logging into your Oneplus account on your Oneplus 3. The phone will send highly encrypted location information to Oneplus servers, where a whole report of your phone location will be kept safely. The phone will send location to the servers every 15 Minutes and also check if a phone lost report has been submitted. The report can only be seen by the owner of the phone.


What After I lose my Oneplus 3 ?

Oneplus 3 LostAfter you realize that you lost your phone, you will need someone to allow you make a call from their phone. You will make a call to your number with a “pin” at the end of your phone number the end. { eg. PHONE NUMBER : 99xxxxx99x | PIN : 1010 | You have to call : 99xxxxx99x1010 }
** You will be asked to set a pin while you create a Oneplus Account. **

Oneplus 3 Police StationThe call will be redirected to Oneplus servers. Which will register your phone as lost and send a message to your Oneplus 3 to switch on, start ringing and sent a lost report current location to nearest Police Station.
After the phone is found you will get a call from the police station on your emergency number ( Emergency number will be register when you create a Oneplus Account).
You can go to the police station and claim your phone.

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