Oneplus Three Shatterproof Screen
24 Mar

Oneplus Three Shatterproof and Scratch Proof Screen

One Plus Three Shatterproof versus ipone6 sreen

“There’s a fundamental flaw in the design of smartphones and that’s that they have a large piece of glass on the front of them,” said Mr. Jason Wojack, The vice president of Motorola.

Recently, Motorola revealed  their shatterproof screen. Motorola realized that a non shattering screen was at the top wishlist of the consumers, So they introduced a shatterproof screen in their new release(Droid Turbo 2). The screen is 100% shatterproof but can have scratches.

Oneplus Three Shatterproof Screen Confirmed ?

There have been rumors about shatterproof screen of Oneplus 3 before Motorola actually reveled it’s new tech, but now it has been confirmed. Oneplus claims to have taken shatterproof screens to a whole new level. They not only claim their screen to be shatterproof but also scratch proof. Which means that owners of Oneplus Three will be able to handle is the roughest possible as the phone will not serve any damage even if dropped from a height.

How shatterproof screen works?

The screen of Oneplus Three will be divided into many layers. First layer will be itself 100% shatterproof, the later will be made from a proprietary hard material. Below that will be a layer of flexible glass, So that the screen doesn’t shatters at all. Then will be a layer of crystal clear glass which will have shock absorbing capability. The last layer will be an aluminum sheet to provide structural integrity.

With a scratchproof,shatterproof screen and one of the best specs out there, The phone is a total beast

9 thoughts on “Oneplus Three Shatterproof and Scratch Proof Screen

  1. This gonna be number one smartphone .Great efforts have been put by the team working on it.I am avidly waiting for one plus three .

  2. its good to hear that one plus3 coming with a shatter proof screen
    there will be no worries of miss handling and another if possible, if phone comes with 5″inch screen its good and looks better than 5.5″inch

  3. Quite impressive!
    But, what about the price??
    If there’s a huge amount difference, I don’t think we can compare it. Besides, a cell phone with great specs today, tomorrow something new and better will come up.

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