OnePlus Three Rumours

OnePlus Three Leaks and Rumours

OnePlus is actually a company in china that was founded in the year 2013 by the former vice president of the Oppo brand. As per the news and readings, the oppo is the only institutional stock holder of the OnePlus manufacturers. OnePlus is actually a manufacturer of smart phones in china. They have been in to the market since 2013 December and continue to serve 34 courtiers across the world apart from chine with their smart phones. The latest release by OnePlus manufacturers was the OnePlus Two series which was designed specially to relate with the needs of the present generation with great expertise.



The launch of OnePlus Two is dated as on august 2015. Late in 2015 November, the company introduced OnePlus X, a great phone which was just a next version of OnePlus Two but was provided with better looks and great value. The future series that would be named OnePlus Three is announced to arrive by the summers of 2016. The specifications that one can expect from the yet to release version includes ultrasonic features like finger print detector; the security authentication is expected to be taken to a new height with the feature that would scan the retina of the user in microseconds through retina sensor. There are various instruments and machines available in the market that takes the reading of the user’s heartbeat.

OnePlus Three

OnePlus Three is most probably expected to have a heartbeat sensor that would tell the heartbeat rate of a user when so ever required. The camera quality of OnePlus Three is expected to be at its peak with the ability of clicking 3D images and the video recorder would be able to detect the objects in depth and project them with different lights and superb quality display. These amazing features make the OnePlus Three an awaited smart phone to all the people. A little more wait and people would get to see a change in the smart phones.

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