Oneplus 3 Will Have A Rear E-Ink Screen
02 Apr

Oneplus Three Will Have A Rear E-Ink Screen

Oneplus 3 No Sim-Tech
Oneplus 3 E-Ink Tech

Oneplus 3 E-Ink Tech

Some recent Oneplus 3 leaked information says it will have a rear E-Ink Screen.

What Is E-Ink ?

E-Ink stands for Electronic Ink. Most of you must be aware about the amazon’s kindle, which is one of the first device to feature E-Ink Technology. But now E-Ink screen’s are not only limited to kindles but also smartphones. E-Ink is one of the most innovative invention, it not only keeps screen always active but also does the same by consuming almost negligible energy. So, phone’s battery can last for several weeks.
** You can read more about E-Ink Here.

How E-Ink Screen Works ?

To understand how E-Ink works please watch the video below.

Don’t worry if you are not able to understand much from the video . You just need to know that E-Ink is a new technology which makes screen look like paper and consumes almost no energy.

E-Ink Tech in Mobiles

Oneplus 3 is not the first phone with a rear E-ink Tech. “Yotaphone” was the first one followed by “Yotaphone 2” to have a rear E-Ink screen  like Oneplus 3.You can watch the following video to know more about Yotaphones and also get an idea about how it would look on Oneplus 3.

7 thoughts on “Oneplus Three Will Have A Rear E-Ink Screen

  1. it’s really awesome, what specs are promised for op3. it’s now to keep the promise and hopefully to an unbeatable price for the enduser, that we as oneplus users can proudly say, “oneplus did it again!”

  2. Waiting for this Amazing mobile one plus three.
    One plus has shattered the mith that only American Apple or Korean mobiles are the world best and that top mobile has to be the costliest.
    Hats off one plus.
    Well come the world best one plus 3.

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