OnePlus 3 Price

OnePlus 3 Price will Never Disappoint You

OnePlus is known for making the high end devices and still keeping them priced so low that no other company can think to compete. With specs that are the best in the market and quality as good as a phone which is 3 times its price, OnePlus will always make their pricing the be one of their major keys to win in the markets. OnePlus One made an entry with unbelievable price that shook the mobile market where there were phones like Note 4 priced at almost 3 times its cost. The only company that stand in front of OnePlus is its another neighbour from China ‘Xiaomi’. Xiaomi is the only company that is in competition with OnePlus whereas other companies like Samsung, LG, Sony are slowly moving out of the game. The latest from OnePlus in the market currently is the OnePlus Two.


OnePlus Two has also created equal amount of magic as it was created by OnePlus One in the customers. OnePlus Two is loaded heavily with high end specifications that are needed by all. One of the most interesting thing OnePlus incorporated this time is the Touch ID, the phone has an amazing 3 GB of RAM with a 5.5 Inches amazing display. This phone has again shook the market just like OnePlus one did. People everywhere are asking for OnePlus Two invites since that is the only way to buy this device. Earlier we heard that OnePlus would have enough quantity this time to sell it off the shelf but it again seems that OnePlus couldn’t produce to the demand.

With some good buzz around OnePlus Two, fans are already discussing about the next OnePlus Three’s specs, launch date and pricing . Lets have a look at the OnePlus 3 expected pricing in your country.

OnePlus 3 Price China: 2550 Yuan

OnePlus 3 Price India : 26,500 Rs

OnePlus 3 Price US : $420

OnePlus 3 Price UK : $280

OnePlus 3 Price Europe: 400 Euro

OnePlus 3 Price Indonesia : 5400000 Indonesian Rupiah

Well since always OnePlus has kept their fans happy with the pricing that they does. Lets see what OnePlus has this time to surprise their fans.

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  1. Hey
    After that I had a 2 Your previous devices
    I wish to allow to invite the new one plus three
    I would be happy if you send me an invitation
    I love your instrument series and is very reliable

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