Oneplus 3 Full Specificaions

Following are the expected Oneplus 3 Specifications

** The Information is based on latest leaks of the phone (Oneplus 3)

  • RAM (Random Access Memory) – Oneplus 3 will be loaded with 4 GB’s of RAM.
  • Fingerprint Sensor (UltraSonic) – OnePlus brings a new fingerprint sensor technology to their new phone i.e. Oneplus 3. It has an integrated Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor. This new type of sensor gives a very quick an accurate response unlike most other smartphones these days.
  • Heartbeat Sensor – Almost all of the fitness bands have a heartbeat sensor these days, they not only keep track on ones heartbeat but also maintain a record and are capable of presenting the data in an organised form. The fingerprint sensor oneplus has developed gives oneplus 3 capability to record heartbeat of the consumer whenever the phone is unlocked, maintained record and represent it in an interactive form.

  • 25 MP Depth Sensor Camera – The camera we see these days are called 2D cameras as they can’t record depth of an object. A 3D camera or a depth sensor camera will be able to record depth of each object that is in the image. This will allow phone to process closer and far off objects separately with different light indexes that will result in much better image quality. Also if need this camera will be able to click a 3D image.
  • Fast Charging – OnePlus Phones undoubtedly provides an amazing battery backup but once the battery is over, fully charging is takes quite a bit of time. Oneplus 3 will be loaded with a U-F Charging post, where U-F stands for Ultra-Fast.
  • 4k Display – (those who don’t know what 4k display is, Click here) Oneplus 3 is expected to be the first phone to have 4k streaming capability.