Performance Chips for Galaxy S9 and iPhone 9

The question that the new line of chips that Samsung is working on will impact the mobile phone experience to what level. Exynos previous generation chips that were deployed in the Note 7 spoiled their name in the market. Some experts also said that the firing up was due to the battery not being handled right by the Chip itself. Chip however, plays a role of only cutting off the power when the battery is charged full, but the problem with the Note 7 fiasco was that the battery exploded and overheated even before charging full. Due to this no software could fix the problem and Samsung could not control the massacre which destroyed their brand overnight.

Galaxy S9 vs Apple iPhone 9

Concept design for Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung’s custom MS 3 is the new thing in the market and is expected to boost the performance by many folds. This performance improvement will first be seen in the Samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung has been working on this since some time and will take some time before bringing this to the live working models. For now, this technology is under testing and Galaxy S9 is not final yet. On the other hand Apple is working on a Multicore chipped processor which will sport a gold foil conduction technology. This technology will also take a few years to develop and will come in iPhone 9. Competition between Apple iPhone 9 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 is obvious due to reasons that both will have chips with a new technology. Apple’s iPhone 9 has the A10 chip which works on complex multi-thread management and delivers an unbelievable power with very little consumption of power.  On the other hand Exynos 8890 chip uses in the current Galaxy S7 consumes more power but also give power that is significantly more than the Apple’s A10.

Apple has always spent on great full proof testing of the phones and also that is one of the reasons why their phone are that expensive. Actual cost of manufacturing an iPhone 9 would be around 30% of the sale price, rest of the money is spent on marketing and