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01 Jul

SteelSeries 15th Birthday Giveaway

SteelSeries is one of the most premium brands for accessories such as Headphones, Mouse, Keyboards, etc.

Some of the products are listed below :

SteelSeries was found 15 years back, and hence it’s their 15th birthday. SteelSeries has been sponsored by MSI for giving away $20k worth of goodies.

How to Participate ?


Participation is very simple, just follow the steps below ūüôā

IMP : After registration make sure you confirm your email

  1. Go to the giveaway page  : https://steelseries.com/15?code=ZhbiZErnFPeE5iSC4ok6vD
  2. Build your setup (Just select whatever looks good to you)
  3. You will be asked your name and email address (Fill in the form)
  4. You will receive a confirmation email on the email address you gave. Click on the confirmation link.

Your registration is complete.

What Are The Prizes ?

1) Ultimate Setup + Tour At Valve’s HQ
2) Ultimate Setup + MSI GR62 Apache Gaming Pro
3) 25 Winners** Ultimate Setup
4) 100 x Siberia 200 Gaming Headsets
5) 25 x Nimbus Controllers for Apple TV
6) 25 x Stratus XL Controllers for Android and windows
7) 75 x $50 SteelSeries Gift Cards
8) 15 x $20 Steam Gift Cards
9) 15 x $25 Riot (RP) Gift Cards
10) 15 x $20 Blizzard Gift Cards

Additional Prizes

2x Overwatch: Collector’s Edition for PC
4x Dota 2 Series 2 DemiHeroes
5x Guild Wars 2 Charr Plush
10x Dota 2 Series 2 Microplush Blindboxes
75x Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns for PC
15x NECA Heroes of the Storm Figurines
4x Dragon Age Inquisition: Collector’s + Inquisitor’s Ed.

20 Jun

Best Cases/Covers For Your OnePlus 3

If you are like me, you probably like to keep your phone just like it is. The premium feel of the phone without a cover is for sure a luxury but putting a cover adds a layer of protection to your new smartphone.
Some covers are just focused on protecting your phone where as some are designed to enhance the looks. In this post, I will include some of the best ones from both category for your brand new OnePlus 3.

Wooden Cases

Wooden cases are one of the best options for protecting your phone while making is look really awesome. These cases also give you really premium fell while you hold the phone. Wooden cases provide a very high level of protecting to your phone.


  • Very Protective
  • Awesome Looks
  • Premium Feel


  • Holding phone for a long time with these type of cases is not very comforting
  • Very Slippery

Leather Covers

Leather cases provide one of the most premium experience. These are not only very protective but also feel very good. These cover will keep your OnePlus 3 in its best state.


  • Protects phone from any damage
  • Looks Good
  • Premium Feel


  • Hard to put on
  • Bit Uncomfortable Sometimes (Flip Covers)

Best Looks

Looks is one of the most important factor while choosing a case for your latest smartphone. Here are some of the best-looking cases/covers for OnePlus 3 so far.


16 Jun

OnePlus Loop VR Price & Best Alternatives

Many are disappointed with the price of OnePlus 3. People have known OnePlus for High-End phone configuration for a very less price but know it looks likes OnePlus wants to enter the enter the league of very premium phones which neither compromise in price nor in quality. Keeping that aside, & let’a talk about the OnePlus Loop VR.

The price of loop VR have been confirmed and will range somewhere from $150 – $200 which is not less for a VR headset but here are some best alternatives which will neither hurt so bad but also will give you a very good VR experience.

1) Procus PRO VR Headset

Procus Pro is the latest release of Procus. This VR headset is not cheap as other that you must see in this article but still is a great deal. I bought this headset a few days ago and it is one of my favorite ones. It is very very comforting and also has a very good in-built headphones.


  • Very Comfortable
  • In-Built Headphones
  • Very Universal (Almost Every Phone Can Fits Perfect)
  • Easy Navigation
  • Premium Looks
  • Good Quality Head Straps
  • Good Quality Lens


  • Expensive

2) VR Box

I actually never owned one of these but tried them a couple of times. First time when I got hands on it. I had an IPhone 5 which was way to small for these headsets, I could clearly see the edges of my phone which didn’t feel good at all. Then I tried it with a OnePlus 2 and this gave me one of the best VR experience I had in past.


  • Very Durable
  • Good Quality Head Straps
  • Includes Bluetooth Remote (For controlling phone when it’s inside the VR Box)


  • Heavy Compared To Others
  • Not Very Universal (Suggested for large phones)

3) Google Cardboard

This was¬†my first VR headset. If you ask me it’s not very good but only because of it’s price it’s here in the list. If you are getting started with Virtual Reality Tech, This is for you. Almost all phones fit perfect in this.


  • Very¬†Affordable
  • Very Light
  • Easy To Assemble & Disassemble


  • Sometimes Defected Lens (Can be exchanged easily)
  • Lenses are not fixed
  • Not Very Comforting


This is my favorite headset after Procus Pro. This is very comfortable, Fits  in almost every phone. Just like the google cardboard, It also has a Magnetic Button, Lenses used are very good quality.


  • Good Quality Lens
  • Premium Looks
  • Magnetic Button
  • Affordable
  • Very Comfortable


  • Not Very Universal ( ** Not recommended for phones larger than larger than 5.8 Inches Screen)
  • Might overheat¬†your phone

Premium VR Headsets

These are for sure not cheap but very high quality and a premium feel.

1) Merge VR

I never owned one just cause of the price but have tried it many times. When I tried this headset the first time, I was blown away with the comfort and quality of the headset. Nothing is comparable to this headset. It gives you a much better feel than Gear VR and also it’s very very universal. I personally think the looks are pretty badass and I am planning to buy one of these soon.

Unlike other headsets, this is made from High-Quality Foam which is very light as does no damage to your phone and is also very comforting.

This is mainly focused towards gamers, who want to experience VR gaming. With this, you also get a Bluetooth remote which has a whole lot of features. Some of them being – joystick for easy navigation, Gyro-Sensor for gaming, next and back buttons & very comfortable and soothing feel.


  • Very Comfortable
  • High-Quality¬†Foam
  • High-Quality Lenses
  • Very Accurate
  • Very Universal
  • Easy Navigation
  • Very light
  • Best for users with spectacles


  • Expensive

2) Samsung Gear VR


Samsung Gear is currently the most selling premium VR headset. With a very classic look and an intelligent design, It is a total worth buy. The headset is only compatible with some Samsung phones. If you own an S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ or Note 5; this is perfect for you.
Samsung has not compromised in the quality of headset, The plastic is very premium quality and the Inner Padding is also done very intelligently.

If you are an S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ or Note 5 user, It is highly recommended for you.


  • Very Comfortable
  • High Quality Material
  • Premium Looks
  • Provides good VR experience


  • Expensive
  • Only compatible with Samsung phones

Some More VR HeadSets You Must Like

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15 Jun

OnePlus 3 : It’s About Time

Buy Now At Amazon

It’s about the time for a smartphone like OnePlus 3.

Dash Charge

OnePlus 3 Dash Charging

Dash charge sets a new standard in quick charging technology. Giving you a days power in half an hour. It replenishes over 60% of your OnePlus 3 battery in just 30 minutes but it isn’t just faster, It’s smarter while high-intensity activities like gaming slow down most quick charge technologies; Dash Charge keeps going at full speed. It employs several custom safety measures to safeguard the adapter, cable & the phone itself.

By shifting the power management in heat dispersion elements to the adapter, your OnePlus 3 stays cooler maximizing performance.

The Design

OnePlus 3 Design

The OnePlus 3 Unibody is made of a premium space gray aluminum alloy. Selected for its notable strength lightweight and premium feel.
The Device is available in two striking colors Graphite & Soft Gold.


OnePlus 3 camera

Smart Capture allows you to effortlessly capture the ideal shot, no matter the environment. Grainy pictures are a thing of the past with the new dynamic D-Noise & HDR features.¬†Incorporated with two stabilization technology is to ensure, blurriness won’t stand in the way of a perfect picture or video.

Featuring the Robust Manual mode you can personally find to an exposure ISO & Focus. You can also capture raw images for expert editing.

Just smile for the camera & 8 Mega-Pixel front-facing camera will automatically take the picture for you.

Thanks to the 16 Mega-Pixel sensors; pictures and videos are incredibly clear & detailed.


oneplus 3 tech

The OnePlus 3 Performs 35% faster and feature of 40% boost and graphical power over the OnePlus 2, all at a fraction of the power consumption.

64 Gb UFS 2.0 Internal Storage means plenty of space for apps and files. While 6 Gb of ram set a new standard in smartphone memory.

Finger-Print Sensor
The new improved Finger-Print Sensor unlocks your OnePlus 3 in just 0.2 Seconds & it improves over time.

The Optic AMOLED display produces colors that are more vivid and shoot a life than ever before & with Dual Nano SIM card support you to connect to two networks at the same time.

The OnePlus 3 is one device for everything. With the exclusive alert slider, Toggle between three customizable settings to minimize Un-Wanted distractions.

Operating System
With Oxygen OS, you gotta clean operating system that simple, yet powerful and easy to customize. If you prefer to tinker, You’re free to customize Oxygen OS.

The OnePlus 3 launcher natively supports home screen and screen off gesture controls.
UI customizations and custom Icon Packs

OnePlus 3 It’s About Time


14 Jun

All Winners Of OnePlus 3 Giveaway

** This is not the Amazon giveaway winner is ! Say congrats to him & see all 16 winners here

#LoopedIn Winners
1 winner to attend the media launch and win a OnePlus 3 in a Helicopter ride
S.No. Winner name Launch Event City
1 aakashjhaveri New Delhi
Pop-up Event Volunteers
S.No. Name as on Forum/Facebook/Twitter Pop-up Event City
1 DrMash Bangalore
2 prateeshrk Mumbai
3 harichand raghavan Bangalore
4 zoher_15 Mumbai
5 asivac Bangalore
6 sakshat bedi New Delhi
7 piyush159 Mumbai
8 hrishi21007 Mumbai
9 Ishan24 New Delhi
10 azhar.somani Mumbai
11 prashant sahni Mumbai
12 Ankit Khanna New Delhi
13 gundeep555 Bangalore
14 @tharunpoduru Bangalore
15 Baldeep Singh New Delhi
14 Jun

Say Hello To OnePlus 3

Here is the first official look of OnePlus 3, It’s Finally Here.

OnePlus 3, yet another sturdy flagship built for the fans closely with tech enthusiasts. It boasts latest technology, premium design and hosts of futuristic innovations. It’s about time. http://oneplus.net/3

14 Jun

Quick Reminder : OnePlus 3 Live Stream Starts in 2 Minutes

Last year, OnePlus hosted the world’s first ever product launch in virtual reality. This year, OnePlus is doing things even bigger, taking the adventure deep into space. Experience the OnePlus 3 first-hand and explore key features in our fully-interactive, immersive, 3D VR event.

You can watch the live event from the OnePlus 3 Launch VR APP : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.oneplus.three.vrlaunch&hl=en

14 Jun

QuickNews – OnePlus 3 Price : Amazon Verified

coming soon

OnePlus 3 PriceAmazon has listed OnePlus 3 on their website. The price is a bit more than what we expected but some price drop is expected soon. The current Amazon listing says the price is Rs. 27,999 which is almost 415 US Dollar. 

Make sure to leave your views about the price in the comment section.

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