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Introducing the brand to the whole world without running the expensive promotional programs is something that made OnePlus stand out from any other companies that ever took birth in the technology industry. Great marketing coupled with the best piece of technology and that too at an believable price of half the other manufacturers. Bringing in the real different ways of promotion, OnePlus first came in lime light with the introduction of their unique promotion strategy. Flowing in the great specs for their first device the OnePlus One, company restricted users to buy the device off the shelf or any online store. Rather OnePlus kept their way of selling a phone very unique. One more challenge that brought out the birth of this amazing marketing campaign was low production capacity. OnePlus had it very clear at the very initial stage that wanted to make it an international brand but due to limited production this was not as easy. The solution to their worries was the unique “Invite System”. This made them control the number of devices they wanted to roll out in the market and where. Scarcity in the market for the phone acted as a great tool of WoM marketing. Facebook was flooding with Facebook posts of people asking for invites.


This new process excited a lot and even the ones who were not looking out to buy the OnePlus, bought it for a reason that they had an Invite which was rare to find. This made asking for a OnePlus invite go viral and Social media was full of status messages of people asking for invites.

Well besides, we can’t say that it was only the marketing strategy that brought OnePlus into limelight, moreover it was also the specs that the OnePlus One offered, which at the time of its release were surely unbelievable.

OnePlus Three one plus three


With this great introduction in the market, OnePlus One was kick started. Statistics say that OnePlus sold more than 5 million units of their first model OnePlus One and that too because of their manufacturing limitations. It is also estimated that if OnePlus had enough units of OnePlus One to sell, they would have sold 7 times the total number of devices they actually sold.

With OnePlus Two already out in the market, there are lot of rumours around for the OnePlus Three. Whats cooking for OnePlus 3, lets have a look.

All news on & around Oneplus 3, from start to the end.

On 13 April 2016

Oneplus 3 find my phone_1NEW LEAKED INFORMATION** 
Oneplus 3 - Tracking made easy
Oneplus has designed a special tracking system to easily track a lost of stole Oneplus 3
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On 9 April 2016

Oneplus 3 Throw sim card in the dustbinNEW LEAKED INFORMATION** 
Oneplus 3 will not have have any Sim Card Slot. The leak claims that Oneplus has developed something they called " NO - Sim Tech". Instead the phone is capable of scanning a Sim-Card and making a virtual copy of it.

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On 6 April 2016

Oneplus 3 No Sim-TechOneplus 3  might have a rear E-Ink Screen just like YotaPhone. It will consume very less battery and will be capable of every streaming a HD video.

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On 4 April 2016

Oneplus 3 Snapdragon 820 processorPete Lau Oneplus’s ceo comfirms that the leaked information about Oneplus 3's processor is true. Oneplus 3 will have a recently released processor Snapdragon 820. Before sometime the information of process was leaked through Antutu Benchmark test. Many Oneplus 3 rumors are in the market, most of which are based on the leaked information but none has yet been confirmed by the company.


On 13 January 2016

Oneplus 3 _1Oneplus reveals Oneplus 3 will launch this year and it will be a revoluion in the Smartphone market. We have been working hard to provide the best user experience possible. Oneplus also reveals they have "developed a highly secure custom android OS Halogen". The OS ensures 200% more security than a regular smartphone and almost impossible to hack.

OnePlus Three Specs Expected ?



  • Retina Sensor


    Oneplus 3 Retina SensorAnother level of authentication that OnePlus is working on is Retina Sensor technology that will scan a user's eye retina in micro seconds and provide another level of authentication to secure the device and the data.

  • Heartbeat Sensor


    oneplus 3 heartbean sensorMost of the fitness bands in the market are equipped with a heartbeat sensor that can display the users heartbeat at all times. A regular trend in heartbeat of a user can be analysed by many apps and any abnormalities in the heartbeat trend can be easily tracked. This helps a real time monitoring of heartbeat.

  • Projection Lamp


    Oneplus 3 project lampThe day is not far when a small projector will always stay handy with you. With the upcoming OnePlus Three you can expect a small integrated projector which will easily be able to project your small presentations and videos like a 32 inch live screen on any plane surface.

  • 25 MP Depth Sensor Camera


    Onplus 3 3d camera1Gone are the days when cameras used to only capture a 2D video. A depth sensor camera will be able to record depth of each object in the image. This will allow phone to process closer and far off objects separately with different light indexes that will result in much better image quality. Also if need this camera will be able to click a 3D image.

  • Fast Charging


    Oneplus 3 Fast chargingOnePlus Two undoubtedly has an amazing battery backup but once the battery is over, charging it over again to full is difficult. OnePlus One in that sense had a faster charging as compared to OnePlus Two. So this one basic feature will surely be the need of upcoming OnePlus Three.

  • QHD Screen


    Oneplus 3 qHD ScreenOnePlus Two is equipped with a 1080x1920 5.5 Inch screen which in itself is a treat to watch but a QHD display has many other qualities along with being crystal clear i.e. lesser power consumption and lesser strain on user eyes.

  • Finger print sensor (UltraSonic)


    Oneoplus 3 Fingerprint SensorOnePlus Three is believed to come integrated with the Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor. This sensor will provide a much faster experience of authentication than the usual Finger print scanner being used today. Higher accuracy will also result in more accurate authentication method.

On the off chance that we discuss the equipment and details of One then undoubtedly, it would be convey the most exceptional specs of the era. According to the gossips, at the release of Oneplus Two, business pattern would be touching the farthest point in the equipment specs. In 2014, RAM 4GB get to be ordinary in cell phones and for 2015 comparatively, 5 GB RAM would be basic. Thus, on the off chance that we are expecting 4GB RAM in Oneplus Three then we won’t be wrong. The other side, in 2015 we would see the quickest portable cell phone processor, which may handle at the speed of 3.x Ghz. Officially, Oneplus One is working at clock speed of 2.6 Ghz.

That being said, there is no official word from OnePlus that can affirm when the new Oneplus will be out. Then again, insider sources have effectively released the system of Oneplus and we now have the normal dates. The new Oneplus Three will presumably be out in the first quarter of 2016. This is on account of, the organization needs to watch its rival and react forcefully to any dangers from its principle rival, Xiaomi. It’s comprehended, some of Xiaomi’s unsatisfied clients are striving for the Oneplus telephones and in this way, an agreeable procedure must be set up for the organization to amplify on benefits. In this way, 2016 is the year to watch out for the greatest creation after the Oneplus Two.

Oneplus Three Price:

OnePlus has always priced their devices minimal, with the quality they offer, their price is something that every smartphone user in today’s world won’t mind. With other companies giving the similar configuration and quality at almost double the price, OnePlus hardly has a competition when it comes to pricing. Another Chinese company “Xiaomi” is giving tight competition to OnePlus with their even low prices. OnePlus Three is the next to be released by OnePlus sometime around July 16. Lets have a closer look at what pricing are we expecting in your country:

OnePlus 3 Price in UK : 260£

OnePlus 3 Price in US : $420

OnePlus 3 Price in China: 2550 Yuan

OnePlus 3 Price in India : 26,500 Rs

OnePlus 3 Price in Russia : 26000 Ruble

OnePlus 3 Price in HongKong : 3200 HKD

OnePlus 3 Price in Malaysia : 1600 MYR

OnePlus 3 Price in Indonesia : 5400000 Indonesian Rupiah

OnePlus 3 Price in Singapore : 570 Singapore Dollar

OnePlus 3 Price in Europe (Italy, France, Romania, Russia, Germany, Turkey and few others): 450 Euro

Oneplus Three Release Date:

With OnePlus Two out in the market and roaring high. OnePlus has gotten even stronger in their place and confidence in the mobile phone market. OnePlus also has bigger plans for the next to come that is the OnePlus Three. OnePlus Two was launched in September 2015 but OnePlus Three is expected a little before September next year. Pressure increasing on OnePlus to keep them running in this disruptive mobile phone market, they would need to innovate faster to keep up in the competition. OnePlus has recently also launched a Mid device the OnePlus X which is also doing great in the market being a little expensive compared to its Chinese counter parts. We figured below dates for the release:

OnePlus 3 Release Date in Indonesia : July 2016

OnePlus 3 Release Date in Singapore : July 2016

OnePlus 3 Release Date in Europe: July 2016

OnePlus 3 Release Date in Russia : July 2016

OnePlus 3 Release Date in India : July 2016

OnePlus 3 Release Date in HongKong : July 2016

OnePlus 3 Release Date in Malaysia : July 2016

OnePlus 3 Release Date in UK : July 2016

OnePlus 3 Release Date in US : July 2016

OnePlus 3 Release Date in China: July 2016



OnePlus Three could be the world first phone to get you over with the need of PC at home. With this tremendous power engineered into the device, one would never need a PC to do what you usually do now. This device with the power of running a full blown computer OS will help you run all that you want and for the ones who love the bigger screens, it will have a wireless connectivity to a keyboard, mouse, speakers and a big screen all at at click of a button. Technology is moving much faster then we thought it would and there is lot more to come that will amaze us all.

oneplus 3 invite photo link invite page

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Oneplus 3 – Brings You The Future


Mobile Phone – A gadget which is essential to survive today’s world. Without the mobile phone, we can’t imagine living in this world.

Interestingly, according to a survey, now making a call is now the sixth most common use for a mobile phone. So, today’s world does not only need a mobile phone to make a call, but the world now has become smarter so now they need a smartphone to meet their smart needs. Four in 10 smartphone user say they could manage without call function. Texts, e-mails, and the alarm clock are more popular than calls.

Studies show today, most of the people use phones for messaging apps which can obviously be run with the help of a smartphone; Your old “feature phone” can not support those apps like “Whatsapp” and “Facebook”. A survey has also shown what checking Facebook is also one of the most common use for a mobile phone. And an average person uses their mobile for an hour and 52 minutes a day.

There are many brands which contribute in providing an individual the type of phone which he wants or the phone which is suitable for him. Adding to this list, there’s a company of mobile phones- OnePlus Three. The mobile phones of this company are a huge craze among today’s generation. Due to their looks and functions, these phones are quite famous among teenagers. OnePlus was in headlines when it launched its first smartphone in 2014 for two reasons.

First, the OnePlus One delivered head specs for significantly cheaper than the devices it was pitched against. Secondly, the company made the flotilla leader smartphone desirable by bringing an invite system that made the phone harder to get and which increased the demand for the phone, and this move proved to be useful to the company. After the original OnePlus One, Company has released two more smartphones – the OnePlus 2 and the OnePlus X.

OnePlus made both phones follow the same lead and kept them cheap and reliable, with the OnePlus 2 aiming at the leads while the OnePlus X chases the mid-range. OnePlus 3 has mixed in with some extra features for good measure. As we know, One Plus is different from other manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Sony because it does not have a par for the course release date and also it does not follow any pattern for releasing them.  Both the OnePlus One and 2 offer 5.5-inch displays, both of which have a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

It was expected that One Plus 3 would be having same screen size although it is said that the OnePlus 3 could come in three different screen sizes comprising a 5-inch model, 5.2inch model, and a 5.5inch model. As per updates, One Plus 3 is ready to Conquer the world of smartphones. Sources say that this phone is coming with many unique and unheard features. The date is still not confirmed about its launch, but it is said that this phone will be ready to come in your pockets by this month only (June 2016).

Hope that One Plus would meet it’s standards once again and meet the expectations of people from around the world. Get ready to experience the new.